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What We Do

Our core aim is to help keep you organized and see to it that your business and personal obligations are met. TaskUs concierge offers a wide range of services to achieve goal.

1. We handle all sorts of deliveries and pick-ups, ranging from handling shopping for you, making special deliveries to your clients, personalized surprise deliveries, tender item deliveries, following up on your consignments, home and office moving services.

2. Event planning and management, ranging from engagement and wedding planning, travelling arrangements, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, managing suppliers at events, hosting delegations and preparing an itinerary, booking flights.

3. Personal assistant services; here we assist our clients in schedule management, taking notes, taking meetings, making enquiries, research services, making applications, putting up social media updates, making orders(coffee, cake, food, etc), any assistance at all even a listening ear, or a buddy for a day.

4. Small and large Cooperates services; Market research, survey issuing and analysis, employee errand services, small and larger deliveries, representation to your clients, temporary workers, data entry, product design thinking, think tank services, and all the functions that companies want out source to save money.

Our Story

TaskUs concierge was conceptualized in the year 2014 with the aim of allowing Kenyans to gain more comfortable with the concept of passing along their errands to able runners.This was inspired by the site of city dwellers getting busier and busier by day putting a strain on handling their errands. Over the two and a half years we have been in existence we have been able to handle over 300succesful errands.We are thankful to have served over 50clienct and 10 Kenyan companies in and around Nairobi area with errands as fare as Mombasa.Our track record has given us credibility in the market and has allowed us to alleviate stresses to many Kenyans.We have work with over 20 energetic students in different universities in Kenya for the accomplishment of these errands. We are aimed at modeling the right business soft skills offering work experience and offering a connection to potential employers.This is because the current statistics on unemployment is at about 40% and we can’t help it but help in making better our society by creating part-time jobs.Thank you Kenya for allowing us to serve you, we look forward to serving more of you and the rest of the world.